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Public Arch archive

I use a revision control tool called bazaar which is a fork of the tla revision control tool. The public mirror of my personal archive is available on this web space using the tla archive format. This way, all arch/tla users and bazaar users can access my work. You can register my archives using the following links:


NB: My archives have been recently turned into signed archives. You can now check changeset signatures using my GPG key.


For the paranoid people out there, who want to email me using OpenPGP cyphered messages, or verify xvid source release tarballs, here is my GPG key. Its fingerprint is 9E4B 2935 3954 4463 DAC5 6245 4797 5363 3E6C 58C7.

Video stuff

XviD releases

You can find here XviD releases I've participated in, as part of the "XviD team". Prefer using the latest releases unless there is a specific warning in the release text.

XviD 1.1.0-beta2 is out, upgrade now !

XviD snapshots

For the braves who don't fear breakage, there're even from time to time latest tree snapshots

XviD Documentation

A work in progress documentation about the XviD API is available, check it and give me feedback:

Work in progress documentation

Transcode Modules

I'm also the maintainer of the XviD transcode's modules. All my work is hosted in my tla archive, but i know few people use this tool, so for simplicity reasons, I upload some snapshots from time to time.

NB: My work has been included by upstream authors long ago, so it's not needed anymore to host these modules here

Mencoder Module for XviD API 4

Mplayer/Mencoder has now decoding and encoding modules for all XviD API versions. Being the upstream maintainer, you can probably find here newer versions.

As of 2004-08-31, i start hosting again updated modules for mplayer cvs, they include some improvements over upstream cvs modules (see ChangeLog for details). I advise using these instead of upstream versions. The major new features are the support for the brand new bvhq option when compiled with a cvs head branch xvidcore header (for now bvhq=0 or 1) and more robust decoding with display aspect ratio support etc...

Sources: mplayer modules, untar in ${mplayer_src}/libmpcodec/ ChangeLog